Sylvie Peyneau

    Born in Bordeaux in 1963, Sylvie Peyneau grew up between the forest and the ocean. Her painting never ceases to question the child she was in this oceanic landscape and the footprint it left on her identity as an urban adult.
    It is through a subtle balance between figuration and abstraction, between intimate or monumental format and the repetition of patterns that this introspection takes place.
    The series, Jadins Silencieux (Silent Gardens) (2000), Cailloux sous la neige (Rock under snow) (2005), and more recently Herbiers sauvages (Wild Herbariums) reveal the cycle of the seasons, the blooms, the variation of light, clues to follow, the personal quests to pursue, paths of life to explore.
    These initiatory journeys are constantly reanimated throughout the life of the artist by travels which are opportunities to stimulate her sensory experiences and to count materials and textures so particular to her painting.
    In the series of Herbiers sauvage (wild herbarium) begun after confinement, the artist lets herself be fascinated by modest flowers, the poorest herbs, possible doubles, multiplying the angles of approach until she takes sides with them.